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Boris Kehr Follow Boris Kehr 104   Followers Boris Kehr’s best boards Calligraphy Boris Kehr • 88 Pins UX Maps Boris Kehr • 19 Pins Characters Boris Kehr • 223 Pins Graphic Boris Kehr • 272 Pins Illustrations Boris Kehr • 377 Pins Kind of cool Boris Kehr • 47 Pins UX Boris Kehr • 42 Pins Lettering Boris Kehr • 230 Pins Collage Boris Kehr • 160 Pins Doodle Boris Kehr • 75 Pins Mobile UX Boris Kehr • 64 Pins Logomania Boris Kehr • 51 Pins Webbdesign Boris Kehr • 45 Pins Brand Boris Kehr • 44 Pins Patterns Boris Kehr • 42 Pins Infomania Boris Kehr • 29 Pins Retro Ads Boris Kehr • 27 Pins Art Deco Boris Kehr • 25 Pins Retro future Boris Kehr • 18 Pins Comical Relief Boris Kehr • 17 Pins More ideas from Boris Kehr Simple Doodles Drawings Line doodles Simple sketches Illustration / art / drawing Simple illustration Woman illustration Photo illustration Line Paper Drawings Art: Drawings How To Draw Hands Ideas For Drawing Drawing lessons Art & Sketches Painting Abstract Artwork Ideas Paintings Sketches Drawing Techniques Artworks Cute illustration Watercolor drawing Drawing Fashion Graphic Design Initials Drawing Flowers Line Drawings Illustration: Children Drawing People Drawing s Easy Sketches Forward Here come the cold and windy New England days . by Christopher DeLorenzo See more Doodle Trees Leaves Doodle Doodle Flowers FLOWER DOODLES Tree Drawing Drawing Trees TREE DRAWINGS * Tree sketches Tree (Line) Simple Drawings Flower Designs Cool drawings Vectors Notebook Scribble Stickers Painting/ drawing Sketchbooks! Needlepoint Easy Drawings Trees Doodle & drawings Photograph Album Writing Fonts Pattern Drawing Mark Making Doodles Drawings Paintings Of Trees Forward Tree doodles for bullet journals See more Character Art Character design Frog drawing Pretty art Cute art Aesthetic art Illustration / Art Art: Illustrations Art inspo Digital illustration Random Drawings Best Drawing Cool drawings Sketches Paintings Fantasy art Artworks Surrealism Expressionism Manga Illustration Manga Drawing Manga Comics Graphic Design Landscape Board Drawing ideas Character Design References Character Illustration Figure Drawings Art: Drawings Forward Gorgeous Illustrations by Varguy – Inspiration Grid See more Watercolor eyes Eye study Drawing s Painting/ drawing Art & Sketches Art: Drawings Landscape Illustration Illustration / Art Draw eyes Learn Drawing Watercolor art Pencil Art Artwork Ideas Realistic Drawings Afro Art Artworks Paintings Sketches Abstract Expressionism Realistic Eye Artist Paint A Table Drawing lessons Painting Pictures Drawings Painting Portraits School Of Arts Creative Art Drawing Eyes Forward p i n t e r e s t : ⚪Candy Milk⚫ See more Simple doodles Doodle inspiration Doodle Idea’s Doodle & drawings Doodle& tattoo Illustration Artsy Artwork Feelings Inspirational Drawing Artwork Ideas Random Drawings Colouring In Scribble Frames Watercolor art Sketchbooks! Artworks Mandalas Paintings Rain Black Art Beautiful Drawings Graphic Design Coloring Pages Zentangle & Drawings Cute Drawings Disney Drawings Abstract Art Graphics Forward Rain and Umbrella zentangle See more Dandelion flower Dandelion drawing Dandelion painting Tattoo dandelion Plant Drawing Dandelion Seeds Dandelion wish Nature drawing Wall drawing Indian drawing Pyrography Colouring Pencils Graffiti Vectors Teeth Painting/ drawing Single Flowers Needlepoint Paintings Doodles Dandelions Draw Easy Drawings Writing Fonts Drawing Flowers Signs Learn Drawing Painting Abstract Nature Sketch Picture Wall Forward Dandelions, limited edition giclee print by Eloise Renouf on Etsy. Another great pyrography reference ; See more Man character Character Concept Concept art Demolition man Giant Bomb Dnd art Character design inspiration Case closed Art inspo Character Art Male Cartoon Characters Digital Paintings Conceptual art Monsters Ideas For Drawing Drawings Character design Fantastic Art Artworks Drawing Classes Dark art Vampires Black Feathers Digital Art Graphic Design Nice Designs Drawing Tablet Manga Comics Fantasy art Persona Forward MotorStorm: Apocalypse screenshots, images and pictures – Giant Bomb See more Art moderne Wicca Pink drawing Witch ART Tattoo ideas Tattoo Designs Flash art Witches Wallpaper Male Witch Inspirational Drawing Figure Drawing Witch Craft Interesting Drawings Random Drawings Surrealism Impressionism Paintings Manga Illustration Tumblr Drawings Drawing Tutorials Sketchbooks! Fine art Manga Drawing Digital illustration Simple Designs Doodle Witchcraft How To Draw Graphics Forward Time is circular, darlin’ — noisemx: Nikita Ermakov – Occult Patterns. See more Art & Sketches Art: Drawings Flower sketches Flower Drawings Flower design drawing Flower pattern drawing Flower Tattoo Designs Zen background Background designs Floral Illustrations Flower Designs Scribble Inspirational Drawing Artwork Ideas Print Coloring Pages Drawing Techniques Watercolor Techniques Drawing Art Artworks Ink Abstract Art Impressionism Pointillism Graphic Design Sketches Zentangle patterns Doodles Painting Pictures FLOWER DOODLES Drawing s Forward JPG file that can be used to create greeting cards, gift tags, tissue paper for decoupage, and whatever else you can imagine. Makes a great background for other See more Creative Poster Design Creative:: Posters Cool Posters Poster Designs Best Movie Posters Film Poster Design Graphic posters Classic Movie Posters Old Film Posters Japanese Graphic Design Minimalist Artwork Hallmark Movies Old Movies Movie Posters Film Posters Minimalist Design Minimalism Graphic art Advertising Design Editorial design Minimalist Movie Posters Minimalist Poster Minimalist Style Chart Design Graph Design Logo Ideas Typography & Design Design Posters Forward i really like this design. it looks like a really good poster design for this movie called taxi driver. i really like how the taxi is the top half of the pistol, it flows together really well. See more 3 Letter Letter & Monogram Typography & Fonts Typography & Design Hand Lettering Calligraphy M Welding logo Round Font Circle font Letter Fonts Best Drawing Pyrography Cool drawings Vectors Writing Letter Designs Graphic art Website Layout Ink Logos Logo Ideas Monogram Typography Carving Fonts Penmanship Stencils Signs Pictogram Sculptures Forward Circle Font for Monograms See more by Fontaine Maury Samurai anime Samurai drawing SAMURAI WARRIORS Samurai poses Robot Samurai FANTASY – SAMURAI Sword drawing Fantasy Blade Samurai Artwork Character Art Character Concept Manga Poses Digital Paintings Cool drawings Backgrounds How To Draw Manga Cartoons Complimentary Colors Apocalypse Loneliness Zombies Manga Drawing Anime art Martial Arts Digital Art Graphic Design Comics Draw Anime Hair Anime Figurines Forward animated gif raining rain hoody backpack katana swords sport before the fight blue dark sweater art illustration drawing See more Anatomy Reference Face drawing reference Human Face Drawing Drawing tips Shadow drawing Shadow painting How to draw: zentangle, doodling, mandala | Как рисовать: зентангл, дудлинг, мандалы Camera Painting Head angles Face Reference Human Body Drawing Study Drawing Tutorials Digital Paintings Drawing Techniques Shades How To Draw Graphic art How To Paint Painting Portraits Light And Shadow Mark Making Drawing People Drawing Faces Drawing ideas Forward Shading the Head Tutorial Top Row Row 2 Row 3 Row Left (Source, Unknown), Right See more Aesthetic art Aesthetic drawing Drawing ideas Art: Drawings Art & Sketches Anime art Manga & Anime Amazing Art Character Art Random Drawings Ideas For Drawing Beautiful Drawings Cute illustration Design Inspiration Cool drawings Digital illustration Surrealism Expressionism Sketches Paintings Artist Nice Designs Graphic Design Board Drawings Pictures Drawing s Art Of Animation Character Illustration Forward Recommend for phonecases (use after the org creator’s permission first) See more Cartoon faces Cartoon eyebrows Cartoon & Drawings Cartoon bodies Cartoon characters sketch Cartoon styles Cartoon Graffiti Cartoon design Cartoon art Face Drawings Cute illustration Character Art Drawing Tutorials Graffiti Cartoons Caricatures Concept art Retro Style Figure Drawing Character design Comics Make A Character Poster Charts Facial Expressions Paint Drawings Of Cartoons Comic Art Forward Faces and character design. See more Outfit Drawings Drawings of clothes Drawing anime clothes Badass drawings Clothing sketches Manga clothes Art: Drawings Women’s Clothes Fashion sketches Drawing Techniques How To Draw Manga Ideas For Drawing Design Inspiration Character Art How To Draw Character design Dress Drawing Nice Designs Manga Drawing Drawing Projects Figure Drawing End Time How To Paint Sketch Ideas Drawing Fashion Drawing Art Woman Clothing Fashion sketchbook Drawing s Women’s Clothing Forward Art of Dreamfall Chapters: Reborn. See more Arte zentangle Zentangle & Drawings Doodle & drawings Doodles & Zentangles How to:- zentangle Trippy patterns Easy drawing patterns Pattern – Design & Drawing Cool patterns to draw Tangled Creative Art Visual Arts Artwork Ideas Drawing Techniques Collage Colors Child Art Mandalas Paintings Zentangle patterns Papercraft Painting/ drawing Easy Drawings Artist Doodle Art Education Lessons Painting Pictures Watercolour Painting – art Forward Tiny Rotten Peanuts: Zentangle starter pages and zentangle patterns See more Typography & Fonts Hand Lettering Typeface _ font Calligraphy, fonts Handwriting & Fonts Cursive fonts Fancy Fonts Cool Fonts Blog designs Tattoo Script Design Projects Vectors Stationery Shop Fountain Design Tips Drawings Principles Of Design Editorial design Cursive Letters Website Layout Design Logos Site Design Graphic art Info Graphics Page Layout Typography Inspiration Hand Type Cursive Typography & Design Graph Design Forward Рукописные шрифты How to Select Cursive Fonts See more !!!Adult Coloring Pages Cars Coloring Pages Coloring Book Art Free doodles Funny doodles Kawaii doodles Doodle Art & Drawing Doodling art Crazy drawings Colorful drawings Funny Drawings Beautiful Drawings Kid Drawings Free Coloring Pages Painting/ drawing Art journals Mandala Coloring Coloring Books Drawing School Art Projects Cartoon Doodles Printing Adult Colouring In Forward panda bird octopus coloring colouring printable adult advanced detailed Doodle Invasion Coloring Book by Kerby Rosanes, via Behance See more Album polaroid Polaroid quotes Polaroids DIY Polaroid Polaroid Ideas INSTAX MINI 70 Instax mini ideas. Instax Mini album Fujifilm instax mini 8 Journal Pages Handmade Books Travel Journals Collage Pictures Diary Ideas Bullet Journal Boyfriends Gifts Viajes Travel Books Memory Books Diaries Manualidades Scrapbooking Journal Ideas Caro Diario Paper Mill Bricolage Tips Photo Books Penmanship Forward Travel Tips Budapest Breakaway Sports See more Shadow illustration Crown illustration Illustration: Fantasy Shadow king Shadow art Shadow Monster Monster art Character concept art Character design Dark art Character Illustration Character Art Figure Drawing DRAWING REFERENCE Random Drawings Enemies Deities Demons Fantasy Creatures Magick Smoke Fantastic Art Artworks Abstract Darkness Phoenix Drawing Sketches Drawings Video Games Pictures Forward —Ül Devil King, Concept of Binding, Aspect of Will— Karl Lindberg Concept Art See more Graphic/ illustration Family illustration People – illustration Monster Illustration Illustration & Sketches Portrait illustration Character Illustration Art: Illustrations Art inspo Visual Arts Weird Drawings Face Illustration Scribble Sketches Paintings Character design Watercolor Painting Drawing Techniques Inspiring Art Self Portraits Cool drawings Sketch Books Easy Drawings Illustrations Painting – art Drawings Mark Making Character Sketches Art: Drawings Forward Kims Little Monsters / doodles / illutrations See more Collage Collage Art – Collages DiGiTaL coLLaGe Arte digital AP Art Weird Art Photomontage Creative Art Mixed media Ideas Creative Photography Expressionism Abstract Photos Paintings Cover Pages Watercolor Painting Graphic art Graphic Design Face Surrealism Drawings Pictures Creative Artwork Bizarre Art Mix Media Forward Hey Pretty uploaded by trisha ann may on We Heart It See more Arte digital Graphic Design_ Posters Graphic Design / Typography Graphic design / Illustration Graphic Design // Inspiration Illustration arte! Fish Eye Photography Poster photography Photography Exhibition Posters Graphic Projects Art And Architecture Collage Design Logos Interactive Design Paintings Minimalist Art Contemporary Art Exhibition Poster Typographic Poster Typography Chart Design Graph Design Design Painting – art Draw Design Posters Forward Gestalt principle for the win [Aida Nayeban (IR), poster in exhibition ‘Away from Near’] See more Digital illustration Character Illustration Comic Art Digital Art Visual Arts Painting – art Writing Inspiration Art Reference Concept art Beautiful Drawings DRAWING REFERENCE Fantasy art Painting/ drawing Abstract Character design Illustrations Nice Designs Manga Drawing Charts Persona Conceptual art Fine art Character Sketches Forward r/Art – Tribe, Piotr Jabłoński, Digital, 2017 See more Graphic Design_ Posters Graphic Design // Inspiration Typography & Design Creative Poster Design Creative:: Posters Poster Designs Web design Layout Design Logo Design Design Inspiration Digital Paintings Drawings Posters Graphic posters Urban Art Digital illustration Logos Creativity Illustrations Editorial design Graphic Projects Chart Design Beautiful Artwork Collage Pictures Graphic design / Illustration Draw Type & Design Design Web Typographic Design Page Layout Forward OR – graphic – collage See more HOW TO SKETCH EYES How To Draw Eyes How to paint eyes Sketches of eyes **Art / to draw Eye sketch How to draw chains How To Draw How To Draw Draw Lips Learn Drawing Nose Drawing Inspirational Drawing Drawing Tutorials Realistic Drawings How To Draw Visual Arts Drawing Techniques Sketchbooks! Paintings Watercolor drawing Pencil Art Charcoal Picture In Laws How To Paint Drawing Faces PAINTING TECHNIQUES Drawing Eyes Forward How To Draw An EYE – 40 Amazing Tutorials And Examples – Bored Art by leticia See more Penmanship Calligraphy letters alphabet Tattoo Lettering Alphabet Letter s tattoo Typography Cursive letters Words in review II Fancy fonts alphabet Fancy Handwriting Handwriting Ideas Calligraphy, fonts Monograms Monogram Alphabet Letter Fonts Letter Designs Lettering Styles Hand Lettering Cursive Letters Graphic Design Drop Cap India Ink Writing Fonts Graffiti Drawing Alphabet Writing Calligraphy Alphabet Calligraphy Letterpress Lettering Hand Type The Print Shop Forward Discover thousands of images about EMILY FONT: all letters See more Art et design Art sketchbook Pencil Drawings Cry drawing Face lines Art & Sketches Art inspo Art Reference Artsy Transitional Drawings And Illustrations Drawing Tutorials Cute art Character Art Drawing Techniques Sketchbooks! Paintings Sketches Illustration Styles Watercolor drawing Manga Drawing Drawing tips Drawing Projects Drawing ideas School Of Arts Abstract Art Drawing Faces Surrealism Gcse Art Sketchbook Graphite Drawings Color Pencil Drawings Forward Olive / week 1 / Graphite /Eduardo / Make the drawing have layer. See more SURFACE PATTERN DESIGN Print, Pattern, Design Flower pattern design Colour & pattern Pattern & Art Print & Patterns Flower patterns Fabric Patterns IPhone wallpaper Abstract Print Woodblock Print Painting On Fabric Wall Papers Etchings Stamping Abstract Pattern Engraving Illustration Japanese Patterns Mural Painting Paintings Artworks Impressionism Texture Drawing Classes Textile Design GRAPHIC / ARTWORK Graphic art Charts Paint A Table Beautiful Patterns Forward abstract blooms from Print Source NY See more Drawing drawing Painting/ drawing Art: Drawings People – illustration Graphic/ illustration Illustration & Sketches Art: Illustrations Art sketchbook Fashion sketchbook Beautiful Drawings Transitional Drawings And Illustrations Collage Pen And Wash Digital Paintings Contemporary Artists Watercolor art African Art Concept art Sketches Portraits Art Teachers Character design Character Sketches Charts Graphic art Digital illustration Portrait Paintings Sketching Creative Art Drawings Forward By Victoria Semykina See more Retro illustration Character Illustration Weird Art Illustrations and posters Cool drawings Hygge Pretty pictures Welt Buildings Watercolor Painting Graphic Design Drawings Cute Pics Illustrations Posters Bizarre Art Cute Pictures Awesome Drawings Character Sketches Forward Siiri Vaisanen. See more Minimalist Graphic Design Graphic Design / Typography Graphic Design_ Posters Logo Design Grid Design Poster Designs BRANDING DESIGN Graphic design / Illustration Circle Design Colors Poster Design Trends Corporate Design Paintings Editorial design Minimalism Page Layout Graph Design Charts Typography Abstract Brand Design Branding Design Posters Forward Album Anatomy by Duane Dalton – Inspiration Grid See more Superhero pop art Superhero cartoon Superhero Design Comic book / Superheroes Comic Books Art Book Art Comic book background art Pop Art Background SUPERHERO BACKGROUND Kid Drawings Transitional Drawings And Illustrations Superhero Collage Wall Papers Caricatures Drawings Paintings Impressionism Wallpapers Classical Art Creative Artwork Visual Arts Comics Art Education Lessons Pencil Drawings Doodles Typography 3 Ingredients Teaching Ideas Watercolour Forward Simple comic book onomatopoeia design, could be a nice point of difference in creating the right aesthetic. See more Finally school is over! A random kid, studying @hyunsong_we’s amazing style to shake off the dust on my tablet and my brain. Feeling so rusty now o)-(#character #sketch #art #myart #instaart #artistsoninstagram #artofsaltedegg See more Game Design Game – Character Design Character drawing Character design inspiration Character Illustration Character Design References Character Sketches Space character Line Art & Design Character Creation Cool drawings Digital illustration Ideas For Drawing Conceptual art DRAWING REFERENCE Comic Drawing Drawings Fantasy Characters Character Concept Sketches Chart Design Graphic art Charts Manga Drawing Nice Designs Mockup Mark Making Graphics Forward RTS game – Visual Development Art Direction, Character Design, Game Design by Ariel Belinco. See more Character Concept Character Art Character Design References 2d Character Animation Simple character Character ideas Game – Character Design Anime..!! Monster design Animation Character Character Illustration Cool drawings Scribble DRAWING REFERENCE Costumes Paintings Sketches Fantasy Creatures Monsters Female Characters Character design Design Reference Chart Design Graphic art Cute Drawings Fantasy art Sketching Graphics Pictures Ideas Forward Graphic Design and Illustration for Darklings / iOS game. See more by Juan Casini Simple flowers to draw Simple pictures to paint Simple patterns to draw Zen Doodle Patterns DOODLE DESIGNS Designs To Draw Paisley drawing Paisley doodle Paisley art Frames Sketching Arabesque Contemporary Art Colouring Pencils Print Coloring Pages Random Drawings How To Draw Mandalas Drawing Designs Paint Mandala Design Crayon Art Graphic Design PAINTING TECHNIQUES Painting – art Zentangle patterns Wall Canvas Doodles Watercolour Creative Forward Line drawing. Each lil drop is its own doodle. Everyone could do this with simple patterns. Cumulatively, it looks beautiful. See more Graphic Design_ Posters Graphic Design // Inspiration Typography & Design Poster Designs Web design Layout Design Print Design Editorial design Editorial & layout Collage Ideas Poster Flat illustration Magazine Design Design Web Brochures Chart Design Graph Design Mockup Page Layout Charts Typography Type & Design Typographic Design Website Designs Design Posters Design Websites Forward Really love this quirky Japanese design. See more Sketches of boys Sketches of faces Drawings of faces Boy sketch Face Sketch ART / Drawings & Sketches Portrait sketches Drawing Portraits Tumblr art drawings Drawing Techniques Pencil Drawings Illustration Techniques Art Projects Character drawing Woodblock Print Painting/ drawing Art School Fine art Paintings Sketches Black Art Charts Acrylic Art Watercolor Painting Drawing Art Painting – art Drawings Art Types Drawing ideas Pencil Forward I think this is Sad Boy by HatsukoChan on DeviantArt (I saw other sights that said that’s where it was but I couldn’t find a link and I searched DeviantArt and Couldn’t find it. Please send me a link to the original source with the artist if you can) See more Doodle & drawings Doodle Art Drawing Sketches Drawing ideas 3D Doodle Pen Sketchbook Inspiration Doodle inspiration Art sketchbook Drawing journal Learn Drawing Creativity Colouring Pencils Scribble Ideas For Drawing Drawings Artwork Ideas Art School Art Studios Paintings Concept art Doodles Manga Drawing Charts Graphic art Drawing Art Painting – art Art Education Lessons Projects Ideas Gcse Art Sketchbook Forward Drawings by Lei Melendres [Doodles – Sketchbook – Inspiration] See more by Lei Melendres Architecture / Drawing / Design Architecture Concept Drawings Architect sketchbook Architect drawing Architecture photo PERSPECTIVE ARCHITECTURE Architecture Graphics Abstract Sketches Conceptual Sketches Pen And Wash Architecture Sketches Interesting Drawings Ideas For Drawing Frames Architectural Drawings Geometric Drawing Paintings Concept art Expressionism Sketch & Drawing Fresco Graph Design Charts Painting – art Drawing Hands Design Abstract Sketches Interior Design Forward Gallery – Artworks by Architects to be Auctioned for Maggie’s Centres – 4 By Kyle Henderson See more Line patterns Line design pattern Cool patterns to draw Pattern – Design & Drawing Patten design Art: Patterns Pattern & Art Design & Art Doodle patterns Ideas For Drawing How To Draw Manga Figure Drawing Art Activities Creative Art Drawing Exercises Drawing Classes Art Lessons Drawing Techniques Art School Sketchbooks! Mandalas Collaborative Art Artist Abstract Art Painting Abstract Charts Graphics Pictures Zentangle patterns Drawing Art Forward Line Pattern Handout One Page Elements of Art Principles of Design Visual Arts This is a one page line patten handout that will help students get ideas to create unique works of art. See more ᴰᴿᴬᵂᴵᴺᴳ ᵂᴵᵀᴴ ᴾᴱᴺ Drawing rocks Cool Pencil drawings Art: Drawings Landscape Drawings Drawing ideas Painting/ drawing Design & Art Mountain illustration Doodle Art Painting Abstract Abstract Drawings Dark art Drawing Techniques Sketchbooks! Abstract Art Artworks Mandala Design Celtic Art Graphic Design Watercolor drawing Pen Illustration Papercutting Drawings Sketches Art Sculptures Art Ideas Drawing Art Ideas For Drawing Drawing s Forward Pointillist Line Drawings of Mountains by Christa Rijneveld See more Doodles & Zentangles Zentangle patterns Zentangle pens Zentangle & Drawings Doodle & drawings Doodle Art Doodle patterns Throwback Tuesday Square Art Colouring Pencils Pencil Drawings Groomsmen Ideas For Drawing Pen And Wash Frames Abstract Art Painting/ drawing Paintings Graphite Drawing Classes Charts Pattern Drawing Abstract Expressionism Mark Making Penmanship Doodles Drawing ideas Graph Design Zentangle Zen Tangles Forward Zentangle squares After making pages in a journal, fill in mini copies of each pg in these squares. Could do it with triangles! See more Editorial design Poster design – movie Graphic Design_ Posters Graphic Design // Inspiration Typography & Design Logo Design Web design Wes Anderson (Poster Ideas) Name tag design Visual Schedules Poster Collage Movies Graphic Projects Graphic art Diligence Cover Pages Chart Design Graph Design Page Layout Typography Charts Pretty Drawings Graphics Packaging Design Altered Books Love Type & Design Design Web Typographic Design Forward The Royal Tenenbaums Poster See more Landscape Drawings Art: Drawings Doodle patterns Doodle Art Painting/ drawing Zentangles Sketches Tangle art Organic art Line Drawings Simple Drawings Scribble Groomsmen Graphic art Zen Art Abstract Art Geometric Drawing Paintings Art Reference Pencil Art Ink GRAPHIC / ARTWORK Penmanship Ink Drawings Zentangle patterns Doodles Art Pictures Creative Drawings Drawing s Forward ARTFINDER: Entwined by Helen Wells – An intricate, intuitive and unique hand drawn pen and ink drawing on Fabriano art paper. It depicts a visually rich, illusionary organic landscape which cele. See more Illustration Blume Doodle Art Doodle & drawings Doodle Flowers Leaves Doodle Floral doodle FLOWER DOODLES Draw Flowers Art floral Print Coloring Pages Floral Drawing Simple Drawings Painting On Fabric Ideas For Drawing Mandalas Needlepoint Paintings India Ink Artist’s Book Pageants Coloring Pages Plant Drawing Watercolor drawing Zentangle & Drawings Drawing Flowers Ceramic Painting Mark Making Doodles Painting Pictures Flower Art! Forward Zentangle Archives – Page 2 of 10 – Crafting Today – Crafts Are Fun See more Ponytail Drawing Short Hair Don’t Care ✂️ Anime Ponytail Girl Cartoon eyes drawing Dory drawing Cartoon hair Fashion Art Sports Drawings (Oc drawings) Random Drawings Female Drawing Ideas For Drawing Character design Beautiful Drawings Tumblr Drawings Digital illustration Manga Drawing Watercolor drawing Figurative Art Easy Drawings Drawing Faces Drawing People Doodles Forward Abbie 15 loves music and playing her ukulele she loves shopping with her friends and have a good time with her older sister is very laid back chatty but hates the attention being on just her See more Nature illustrations Children’s book illustration Illustrations and posters Beauty Illustration Landscape Illustration Nature Scenes Concept art Croquis Art: Drawings Etchings Fantasy Drawings Children’s Books Ideas For Drawing Short Stories Costumes Ceiling Drawings Visual Arts Artworks Watercolor art Environmental Art Paintings Painting Inspiration Contemporary Illustrations Landscape Watercolor Painting Graphic Design Artist Painting – art Pictures Forward Kailey Whitman illustration Tiny perspective, big world See more Kawaii Art Cute kawaii drawings Cute (Food) Drawings Kawaii faces Kawaii Style Cute doodles Food doodles Kawaii doodles Sketchbook drawings Inspirational Drawing Drawing tips Watercolor art Things To Draw Paintings Sketches Doodle Art Pencil illustration Mandala Design Watercolor drawing Manga Drawing Creative Drawing For Beginners Kawaii Drawings Pencil Drawings Cute art Doodles School Stuff Cute doodle art Forward Art Drawing Doodles Kawaii coffee sketchbook drawing for IF Draw A Week by Kate Hadfield See more Illustration / Design Cut Paper Illustration French illustration Simple illustration Photography & Illustration Leaflet design Leaflet layout Pamphlet design Grid Design Collage Advertising Poster Drawings Artworks Cover Pages BRANDING DESIGN Graphic Projects Interactive Design Chart Design Graph Design Typography Creative Design Product Design Papercutting Booklet Design Flyer Design Collage Artwork Folder Design Forward Paper Cut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala – Inspiration Grid See more Dark Books My books Great Books! Books To Read Story books Library & Books *Kids Library* Reading books Book cover design Children’s Books Photomontage Book design Reading Short Stories Book Covers Literatura Picture Books Illustrations Editorial design Darkness Good Books Book cover art Poster Charts Monsters Altered Books Libros The Reader Cover Design Big Books Forward The Dark by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen. Lemony Snicket of the Series of Unfortunate Events fame and Caldecott winning Jon Klassen team up in this ‘dark’ picture book. See more TYPOGRAPHY / LAYOUT Cover Design Simple poster design Japanese Poster Design Graphic Design_ Posters Graphic Design / Typography Graphic design / Illustration Graphic Design // Inspiration Layout Design Poster Collage Graphic art Japan Illustration Editorial design Digital illustration Cover Pages Cartography GRAPHIC / ARTWORK Typographic Poster Typography Chart Design Graph Design Creative Design Page Layout Design Posters Forward gurafiku: “ Japanese Exhibition Poster: Rising From A Night’s Sleep. 2015 Gurafiku’s first exhibition of Japanese graphic design titled Rising From A Night’s Sleep: Observations of the Everyday in Japanese Graphic Design opens July See more Sketch & Drawing Painting/ drawing Drawing ideas Pretty art Weird Art Cute illustration Art: Illustrations FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS Art styles Abstract Art Tattoo Scribble Collage Sketching Sketches Portraits Graphic posters Graphic Design Watercolour Graphics Draw Paint Ideas For Drawing Styles Of Art Art Types Bizarre Art Cute Drawings Art: Drawings Forward Tomi Ungerer – The Party See more Zentangle & Drawings Doodle & drawings Doodles & Zentangles Doodle Art Arte zentangle Zen doodle Abstract pencil drawings – Milyusia Abstract lines Simple Doodles Drawings Yarns Ideas For Drawing Groomsmen Print Coloring Pages Scribble Etchings Drawing Designs Sketchbooks! Watercolor Painting Mandalas Paintings Visual Texture Mandala Design Visual Arts Pen Illustration Geometric Drawing Abstract Art Painting Abstract Charts Sketches Pencil Forward Zentangle inspiration page – Sinuous curves See more Bear illustration Digital illustration Character Illustration Art: Illustrations Bear Art Encouragement gift Motivational Wall Art Children’s Wall Art Office wall art Collage Drawings Child Art Bears Bear Hugs Caricatures Rats Paintings Illustrations Paint Poster Watercolor Painting Artist Cherry Sketches Kid Drawings Inspiring Art Draw Animals Character Sketches Art: Drawings Forward Strong and Brave Inspirational art print – Motivational wall art , Home Decor, encouragement gift, Children’s wall art, Inspirational Print See more Graphic/ illustration Editorial illustration Art: Illustrations Italy illustration Drawing Sketches Pencil Drawings Art: Drawings October calender Croquis Scribble Collage Ideas Digital illustration Graphic Novels Comics Paintings Human Figures Notebooks Illustrations Simple Designs Notebook Sketching Artist Drawings Sketches Graphics Altered Books Doodles Calendar Drawing s Forward octubre by Giada Ganassin See more Doodles how to Things to doodle How to doodle Zen doodle Cool doodles….. Mandala & doodle Doodles & Zentangles Doodling art Zentangle & Drawings K Project Creativity 4 Years Woman Art Ideas For Drawing Art journals Sketchbooks! Pointillism Graphic art Abstract Art Zentangle patterns Calligraphy Crayon Art Pattern Drawing Doodles Drawing tips Drawings Sketches Things To Make Forward Neat idea on how to break up a page into smaller bits but still have something run through it. lots of great examples of pen patterns. See more Ginko tree Gingko leaf Monstera Leaves Tree Leaves Skeleton flower Leaf Skeleton Leaf texture Leaf illustration PRINTMAKING Watercolour Leaves Groomsmen Etchings Woodblock Print Watercolor Paintings Painting On Fabric Scribble Abstract Paintings Texture Abstract Art Impressionism Blade Murals Floral Drawing Paper Charts Drawing s Brush Strokes Watercolour Paintings Graph Design Forward skeleton ginko leaves, I’d use different colors. See more Graphic Design Print Type & Design Logo Design Typography Love Typography & Letters Types of Lettering Lettering & Design Hand Lettering Home – Tiles Graphic Design Calligraphy Hand Drawn Type Hand Type Forward Fauxsaics are Going Pro! by Nick Misani See more Graphic design / Illustration Graphic Design_ Posters Poster Designs Typography & Design Illustration / Art Logo Design Creative:: Posters Graphic Design // Inspiration Enemies Vectors Poster Flat illustration Design Web Cover Pages GRAPHIC / ARTWORK Graphic posters Page Layout Chart Design Graph Design Dibujo Visit Cards Typography Drawings Infographic Type & Design Typographic Design Design Posters Forward Illustration tribute to the poster of the film ENEMY (Denis Villeneuve, based on the novel ‘El Hombre Duplicado’ (José Saramago, See more by Ricardo Polo Character flat Game – Character Design Character drawing Character reference Character Concept Character design inspiration Concept art Character Design References Character Illustration Digital illustration Ideas For Drawing Transitional Drawings And Illustrations Character Creation Comic Art Sketchbooks! Drawing Techniques Character Art Sketches Graphic art Charts Drawing ideas Drawings Conceptual art Creature Concept Character Sketches Forward Mercenaries 4 See more Animal Skull Drawing Simple skull Animal skull tattoos Black death The Death Life and death Crown illustration Illustration tumblr Simple illustration Conceptual art Contemporary Art Tarot Card Decks Visual Arts Death Drawings Dark art Black Art Lamb Paintings Watercolor Paintings Minimalist Art Macabre Art Graphic art Graphic Design Illuminated Manuscript Etchings Drawing s Devil Grim Reaper Tarot Cards Forward goryhorror: “Death and the Lamb” by: Thomas Sara – Dead Girl See more Character drawing Character Illustration Character Concept Concept art Character Modeling Illustration / Art Character Sketches Man character Character Model Sheet Character Creation Drawing Expressions Face Expressions Cool drawings Digital illustration Digital Paintings Figure Drawing Character Art 3d Character Facial Expressions Character reference Drawing Tutorials Guy Drawing Animated Cartoon Movies Human Body Drawing Drawing Faces Templates Paint Drawings Conceptual art Creature Concept Forward by Oscar Jimenez Villain Design See more Fantasy Illustration Digital illustration CREATIVE: Illustration Art: Illustrations GOUACHE Arte digital Art inspo Croquis Art Reference Cute illustration Backgrounds Etchings Creativity Block Prints Character Art Japan Illustration Watercolor Paintings Portraits Graphic Novels Surrealism Expressionism Human Figures Figurative Visual Arts Charts Persona Watercolor Painting Sculpture Draw Creative Forward Illustrations by Victo Ngai See more Character Design & Animation Character Design References Character drawing Character reference Character Illustration DRAWING REFERENCE Character Concept Illustration / Art Concept art Art Tutorials Stuff To Draw Comic Art Character Creation Conceptual art Ideas For Drawing Drawing Techniques Watercolor Painting Drawing Cartoons Drawings Graphic art Artworks Human Poses Artists Comics Sketches Graphics Paint Facial Expressions Cartoon Caracters Drawing Tutorials Forward Hittin’ on All Sixes See more Doodle Sketch Doodle & drawings Doodle Art Collage & Drawing Drawing Sketches Doodle patterns Doodle inspiration PEN ART Random doodles Graffiti Creativity Tattoo Art Journaling Painting/ drawing Artist’s Book Doodles Urban Art Cartoons Wall drawing Geometric Drawing Sketch Books Doodle Drawing ideas Character design Art Education Lessons Signs Drawings Forward Kerby Rosanes→Random Doodles 2012 (Part One) Drawing, Illustration See more Digital illustration Book illustration Art: Illustrations Pretty art Awesome Art! 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Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions! See more Doodle Art Doodle & drawings Doodle: Kids Watercolor illustration children Cute monster illustration Watercolor sketchbook Funny illustration Sketchbook drawings Illustration Styles Character Illustration Designs To Draw Random Drawings Monsters Collage Creativity Block Prints Watercolor Paintings Paintings Character Art Child Art Art journals Sketchbooks! 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Instructions on how to draw Zentangle Patterns step by step:… See more Monster drawing Monster art Creepy Monster Scary Monsters Don Kenn Sad Art Creepy Pictures Horror Art Arte horror Reflection Art Scribble Monsters Drawings Block Prints Macabre Art Dark art Clowns Papercraft Darkness Dark Art Illustrations Paintings Fantasy Drawing s Paint Screen Printing Printing Picture Frame Sad Artwork Creepy Drawings Forward John Kenn Mortensen gives us a glimpse into a creepy yet curiously beautiful world of monsters through his post-it drawings. These fun drawings almost poke fun at reality by hiding the monsters in the most ordinary of places. 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How To Draw Hair- Yes Please! 🙂 More Hair Drawing Stuff. 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Finally school is over! A random kid, studying @hyunsong_we’s amazing style to shake off the dust on my tablet and my brain. Feeling so rusty now o)-(#character #sketch #art #myart #instaart #artistsoninstagram #artofsaltedegg See more

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Varför har vi gått från att diskutera hantering av en gemensamt beskriven verklighet till att tvista om hur verkligheten ser ut? Har vi klimatförändringar på gång? Orsakas sådana av mänskliga utsläpp av koldioxid? Är kvinnor lönediskriminerade? I så fall med … Continue reading →

Den mest osynliga invandraren av alla är den kriminelle invandraren, av fler anledningar. Dels naturligtvis för att de inte vill synas. De vill jobba ostört utanför stråkastarljuset och utanför lagen och det lagliga civilsamhället. Precis som alla andra kriminella. Men … Continue reading →

Vetenskapliga missar. Nils-Axel Mörner lyfte fram att historien har många felaktiga beskrivningar av verkligheten. Hans exempel var Aristoteles Geocentriska världsbild med epicentriska cirklar för att beskriva planeternas rörelser. Den blev förhärskande i 1800 år, fram till dess Nicolaus Copernicus och … Continue reading →

Tag Match

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Tag team wrestling is a type of professional wrestling in which matches are contested between teams of multiple wrestlers. A tag team may be made up of wrestlers who normally wrestle in singles competition, but more commonly are made of established teams who wrestle regularly as a unit and have a team name and identity.

In most team matches, only one competitor per team is allowed in the ring at a time. This status as the active or legal wrestler may be transferred by physical contact, most commonly a palm-to-palm tag which resembles a high five .

The team-based match has been a mainstay of professional wrestling since the mid-twentieth century, and most promotions have sanctioned a championship division for tag teams.

The term ‘tag team’ has since become used in common parlance to describe two or more people who alternate or cooperate in participation in an activity, and ‘tag-teaming’ to describe the act of alternating with an ally, e.g. a couple tag-teaming in an argument with another person.

In 1901 the first tag team match was held in the United States, in San Francisco. While tag team wrestling is now almost traditional in American professional wrestling, the innovation didn’t become especially popular outside San Francisco until the 1930s. The first ‘World’ tag team championship was also crowned in San Francisco in the early 1950s. Tag matches with three-man teams were developed, and in some territories, a championship division was instituted for these teams, but the concept failed to become widely popular; outside Mexico , multi-man tag matches are seen as a special attraction.

Typically, a tag team championship is awarded to and defended by a team of two. However, during the 1970s and 1980s, a dominant trio in the NWA known as The Fabulous Freebirds won several regional tag team championship and were allowed to employ any combination of the group’s members in their title defenses. In kayfabe , this made it difficult for challengers to prepare for their upcoming title fights since the challengers didn’t know exactly who they were facing. This was an effective gimmick and is still utilized by other wrestling companies. The stipulation has become traditionally known as the ‘freebird rule’.

A common storyline is former tag team partners turning on each other, which will invariably ignite a feud . This can be used when one member is being called on to develop a new gimmick .

The basic tag team match has two teams of two wrestlers facing off against each other. All standard rules for singles wrestling apply to a team match. However, only one wrestler from each team, called the ‘legal man’ is allowed in the ring at a time (although heels will often flout this rule in an attempt to gang up on a single opponent). All other members of the team wait outside the ropes (on the ring apron or the floor) in the team’s specified corner. Only an active/legal wrestler is allowed to score a fall or have a fall scored against him/her. But any wrestler, legal or outside, may face disqualification for himself or his team for violating rules.

Once a tag is made, the wrestler tagging out has a grace period (typically five to ten seconds) to leave the ring before risking disqualification. Offensive cooperation from a team member is allowed during this time window; thus it is rather commonplace for both members of a team, especially heel teams, to milk this grace period and have two men in the ring simultaneously with only one member of an opposing team

The following are standard requisites for making a legal tag:

As the ultimate authority over the match, a referee may overlook any of these at his discretion, and during the frenzied action, often will be more lenient with them.

In some multi-man tag matches in lucha libre , a wrestler can make himself the team’s legal man simply by setting foot in the ring, and his partner then leaves. This allows for action to become nearly continuous. Two referees, one stationed inside the ring and one on the floor, are employed to maintain order for this type of match.

In independent discussion and analysis of matches, certain terms are used to describe specific scenarios involving tag team matches. These are planned and timed to inject drama into a match.

One spot common to many tag team match is the hot tag . One member of one team is in the ring, too weakened to move or otherwise impaired, while his partner watches helplessly, struggling to reach him for a tag. The tension builds as the legal man is unable to tag out until something happens (a second wind, miscommunication between the opponents or another stroke of luck) that allows the first team to tag and reverse the momentum of the match in their favor. When done well, this results in a large audience reaction, and was the typical climax of tag matches for decades. WWE employs this tactic in nearly every tag team match to the point that they fired a referee in 2008 after a botched finish that, while the match produced the intended finish, didn’t feature a hot tag . [1]

A common variation on the hot tag sees both wrestlers from the heel team attacking a face, while his partner protests to the referee about this bending of the rules (and therefore, unintentionally ‘distracting’ the referee away from the heels). Eventually the weakened face wrestler does make the tag to his partner, who comes in as the fresh man and is able to take on both opponents quite easily.

A blind tag is a legal tag made without the legal opponent’s knowledge, usually while his back is turned. This allows the team who uses it an opportunity to confuse the legal opponent, who turns to face what he assumes to be his opponent only to be attacked by the true legal man, often from behind.

A tag team match involving more than two wrestlers per team is often referred to by the total number of people involved (e.g. a six-man tag team match involves two teams of three), while a tag team match involving more than two teams is referred to by normal qualifiers (e.g. a triple threat tag team match involves three teams of two).

In lucha libre , the basic tag team match is referred to as Lucha de Parejas (Doubles Fight), a six-man match as a Lucha de Trios , and an eight-man match as a Lucha Atómica (Atomic Fight).

A ‘bookend’ tag team is a (sometimes derogatory) [ citation needed ] term for a tag team where the members look and/or dress alike (e.g., The Killer Bees , the British Bulldogs , Los Conquistadores , the Hart Foundation , etc.). Bookends are common in North America , Europe and Mexico [ citation needed ] , but not at all in Japan since promotion of wrestlers to singles championships is based in part on their work in Tag Team Matches.

Tag Affarsideer

Använd dessa idéer eller inspireras och kom på en egen, ännu bättre. De passar både för att starta från scratch, eller som underlag för utveckla ditt befintliga företag.

Så många timmar jobbar egenföretagare

Retoriktips 1 – Kroppsspråket

Start Starta Affärsidén 23 vassa affärsidéer du kan starta idag

18 saker om kreativa människor du bör känna till

Därför är en affärsplan slöseri med tid

På fö lagrar vi cookies på din dator för att ge dig en bättre upplevelse och visa bättre innehåll. Läs mer här

Att starta företag har nog aldrig varit enklare. Du kan fylla i din ansökan och f-skatt online och vara igång inom några dagar.

Det behövs dock en affärsidé och här listar vi flera spännande nya idéer som främst bygger på trender vi nu ser i omvärlden. En del av idéerna är kanske inte så banbrytande eller rent av gammal skåpmat, men det betyder bara att de fungerar och värda att nämna igen. Andra är riktigt heta och med hårt arbete kan dessa ge bra avkastning.

Flera av dem kan vara igång i andra länder men finns inte i Sverige idag. En rad smarta entreprenörer har blivit rika på att ‘låna’ redan befintligas företagsidéer och startat dem i Sverige. Som exempel så startades Tradera med samma koncept som eBay och såldes senare till samma företag för över 300 miljoner kronor.

Några av affärsidéerna bygger också på den nya delningsekonomin. Allt tyder på att en stor andel av ”vanliga jobb” inte kommer att finnas kvar framöver. Robotar, teknik och algoritmer tar över och många behöver hitta alternativa sätt att försörja sig på. Tiden då fasta jobb var en självklarhet är förbi och istället får nog många räkna med att ha flera sysslor. Detta är en av globaliseringens utmaningar men samtidigt en spännande utveckling för den med driv och handlingskraft.

Många av affärsidéerna är lånade från andra idéer, sammanslagna och delade på – det är oftast så företagsidéer uppstår och du kan göra likadant. Läs och fundera på vilka affärsidéer du tror mest på och hur du kan göra dem ännu bättre, nischa eller bredda dem. I forumet kan du posta dina idéer, få feedback och läsa om andras .

Idag går det att bedriva e-handel på nätet utan ett eget lager, det kallas dropshipping. Du marknadsför en produkt och när någon köper den så ser du till att den skickas från lager eller säljare och du tar en viss mellanskillnad. Med plattformer som eBay, Tradera, Blocket, Etsy och Amazon funkar detta utmärkt, men vi ska tillägga att alla sajter inte tillåter det utan kräver att du själv sitter på ett lager. I de fallen går det att beställa hem ett litet lager och se vad som säljs. Du behöver alltså inte ens en egen e-butik eller hemsida.  Så här fungerar dropshipping plus guide hur du lyckas . Det går också att kombinera e-handel med dropshipping. Att ha lager kostar men oftast får man mer betalt på de produkter man själv skickar från sitt lager så det kan vara smart att ha storsäljarna hemma och köra dropshipping med resten.

I samband med den förra affärsidén har det också dykt upp en affärsmöjlighet för de som har kunskap om internetförsäljning och marknadsföring på nätet; att coacha och utbilda andra inom detta området och ta betalt för det. Ett sätt att göra det på är att ta en viss procent av adeptens intäkter. Ju mer du hjälper denne att sälja och tjäna, ju bättre betalt kan du få. En win-win. Denne i sin tur kan sedan hjälpa fler att utvecklas och sälja där ni båda tar en viss procent av förtjänsten.

Gillar du att skapa, fräscha upp och göra om hantverk? Eller återvinna och piffa upp exempelvis gamla kläder, accessoarer eller möbler? Att återvinna är trendigt och på sajten Etsy köps och säljs massor av saker som någon valt att sätta sin personliga touch på. Perfekt för den som gillar att sy, pyssla och återbruka. I flera städer runt om i världen finns butiker med upcyclade kläder och andra prylar. Detta är en del av tänket inom cirkulär ekonomi

Inget speciellt med denna idén, men det fungerar och försäljningen över nätet fortsätter att växa och inget tyder på att vi kommer att återgå till att göra fler inköp i fysiska butiker.

Airbnb och Uber har miljoner användare och samma grundtanke går att utveckla och nischa i oändligheten. Vilka saker sitter du på som du endast använder några timmar då och då? Gräsklipparen, resväskan, bilen, båten, verktygen, ja det mesta går att låna eller hyra ut till någon och därigenom tjäna en slant. Den som driver plattformen tar en viss procent av utlåningspriset.

Vi spenderar mer tid på internet och det kommer att öka ännu mer. Flera ”trendspanare” som t ex Alexander Bard menar på att vi kommer att leva våra liv, tjäna vårt levebröd och vara sociala på nätet. Fritiden spenderar vi off-line där vi t ex besöker naturen för rekreation. Då kommer det att finnas plats för fler nischade communities. Här kan vara smart att starta inom något du själv brinner för – det finns alltid fler likasinnade som söker ett ställe att ‘hänga på’.

En idé till community skulle kunna vara en mötesplats för de som vill ha en middagspartner. Som halv åtta hos mig fast värden väljer själv antalet gäster efter att ha granskat profilerna som ansökt om att få vara med. Många äter ofrivilligt ensamma så varför inte hjälpa dem att hitta en lunch eller gäst till kvällsmaten?

Med sajter som Taskrunner har det öppnats upp en helt ny marknad för ‘händige Harry’. Hjälp grannen att sätta upp en bokhylla, flyttstädning, klippa gräset, byta däck på bilen eller lösa en propp i avloppet. Den svenska startup-appen Tiptapp kör samma sak men fullt fokus på att få sina sopor hämtade av den som har tid och vill tjäna extrapengar. ”Tiptapp är en app som gör det magiskt enkelt att bli av med saker du inte längre behöver. Betala bort, skänk bort eller sälj bort det du vill bli av med!” Hur går detta tänk att applicera på fler sätt?

Stressen ökar i samhället och vad det beror på råder det delade meningar om. Men en sak är säker, fler söker avkoppling och ett sätt kan vara att skapa rum för detta. Dessa går att ha på olika ställen i samhället, t ex i shoppingcenter där mannen kan ”lämnas in” medan kvinnan kan shoppa i lugn och ro med sina väninnor, eller vice versa. Musik, rätt belysning, dofter som skapar lugn och kanske några massagestolar. Liknande rum finns redan, t ex i ett av Shanghai´s varuhus . 

I takt med att jobben försvinner kommer fler antagligen att bli egna företagare. Här finns det bra utrymme för konsulter som kan hjälpa till att starta igång företaget, ge råd om marknadsföring, försäljning och affärsutveckling . 

Många företag är mer än villiga att betala för någon som sköter de olika kontona på Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapshat, Instagram, Youtube, mfl. Många av dessa är kanaler som ett företag idag förväntas ha, men det går ju så mycket tid att lära sig dem och hålla dem uppdaterade.

Det finns alltid en efterfrågan på extrahjälp till läxor och andra kunskaper som folk vill lära sig själva eller sina barn. Sånglektioner, språk, matematik, programmering – alla som besitter stor kunskap inom något kan tjäna pengar på det. Även här finns sajter som t ex där man inte ens behöver en hemsida för att komma igång med företaget.

Konceptresor växer så det knakar nu när det inte är lika hett att slöa på en strand längre. Natur, äventyr och spänning ger en starkare upplevelse, så sätt ihop en resa och agera turistledare. Att guida turister i din stad eller ditt närområde är också ett sätt att dra in pengar på. Varför inte kombinera med att hyra ut ditt boende på Airbnb likt ett Bed and breakfast? Lägg upp din guidetjänst på Tripadvisor där nya kunder lätt hittar dig och befintliga kan betygsätta dig.

Att starta food truck har blivit en het trend i USA, kanske tog det extra fart efter filmen Chef . Friheten att köra runt på festivaler, marknader med sitt ambulerande mat-mecka är för många en kittlande tanke. Det finns dessutom de som specialiserat sig på att bygga dessa fordon och installera ett fungerande kök. Tänk dock på att kolla med myndigheterna på stället du ska vara på. Det skiljer sig runt om i landet vad som gäller och vad det kostar att parkera och sälja sin mat.

Detta är en het trend och Systembolagets hyllor har idag ofta ett bra sortiment av lokalbryggd öl. Det är även tal om att tillåta gårdsförsäljning (varit ett tag nu…) och det borde kunna gå igenom inom en inte allt för avlägsen framtid. Det skulle göra det möjligt att tillverka egen ost, egna korvar och servera tillsammans med hembryggt öl. Går flera ”gårdar” ihop kan man skapa en cykelled där turister kan ta en cykel- och smakupplevelse i bygden. Här kan du läsa om hur du odlar din egen humle . 

Det finns mycket att odla i vatten som sedan går att sälja. Fisk, räkor, musslor, alger, sjögräs. Det finns en del regler att tänka på och initiala kostnader men möjligheterna att tjäna sitt levebröd på det ser lovande ut. Mer om fisk-, kräft- och annan vattenodling här

Det är idag lättare att sälja sina fotade bilder på nätet. Enstaka bilder ger sällan bra betalt, men många kan ge en trevlig passiv inkomst. Du säljer dem via stockfoto-sajter som iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Bigstock, mfl.

On-demand-trenden är tydlig. Linjärt TV-tittande håller på att dö ut då folk vill titta när det passar dem själva och inte styras av en TV-tablå. Att få saker levererade snabbt kan också vara mycket värdefullt. Att starta en budfirma som levererar utomordentlig service skulle kunna fungera bra. Leverans med moped, cykelbud och bil och kanske skulle en app med ett nätverk av användare som är redo när som helst vara en smart lösning. Då slipper du egen personal. Extra kostnadstillägg på udda tider och helgdagar.

Detta är en översättning från engelskans internet of things, IoT. Denna trend är redan i full gång men fortfarande bara i sin linda. Kylskåp som skickar meddelande till mobilen när mjölken är slut, shoppinglistan som skriver sig själv, värmeelement som bara värmer de rum där du befinner dig och röststyrda apparater är redan en del av dessa så kallade ”smarta hem”. Saker vi bär med oss, t ex handväskan, klockan, mobiltelefonen, våra kläder kan alla ta emot och skicka data om vi så önskar. Bara denna idé innehåller oändligt med möjligheter och är redan en miljardindustri. Det gäller att hitta en smart lösning på ett problem och sedan lösa det med hjälp av en app, ett program eller en teknisk pryl. Många gånger kombineras dessa med redan befintliga saker i t ex ett hem, som belysning, termostater, och annat.

Snart behöver vi inte resa iväg för att uppleva, vi kan göra det hemma i vardagsrummet. Här finns en enorm marknad för den som vill utveckla digitala världar, miljöer och teknisk apparatur.

I vimlet på Internet är det ofta svårt att hitta. Jakten på att ta fram smarta digitala verktyg som sorterar fram det som passar mig är redan i full gång.

Många av 40-talisterna är nu pensionärer och här finns många möjliga affärsidéer. Denna målgrupp har som regel gott om pengar och de vill uppleva, resa, samtidigt som många behöver vård och rekreation. De har också livserfarenhet och många känner att de vill vara med i samhällets utveckling, lära ut och hjälpa till. Men det behöver organiseras.

Att ta fram och utveckla tekniken till dessa skrivare kanske är ett mer omfattande projekt, men den som utvecklar ‘ritningarna’ eller koderna till utskrifterna kommer troligtvis snabbt att behöva anställa fler medarbetare.

Har du fler affärsidéer eller vill diskutera någon ovan, gör det här , eller lämna en kommentar nedan.

Gör som 150 000 andra och få det senaste från sajten i din inkorg.

Tag Tv4Play

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