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The revolutionary Concept Tag eliminates illicit tag removal and is proven to reduce losses in store by 66%. Calculate how much your store could save.

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Proven to reduce losses by 66%

The revolutionary Concept Tag eliminates illicit tag removal and is proven to reduce criminal activity in stores.

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Watch how easy it is to walk in to a shop and buy a tag detacher.

Watch a shoplifter try to remove the Concept Tag, injuring himself and damaging the garment in the process.

The new Concept Tags have been a godsend. My branch was experiencing almost daily problems with stock being de-tagged by offenders, but since the changeover to the new Concept Tag we’ve not had one reported incident of stock being de-tagged or tags found defeated. Because the tags are that secure, double tagging is not required.

National retailer – Trafford, Manager with 20 years’ service.

The new Concept Tags are excellent. They’re a much better deterrent than the previous tags. Having managed a number of large stores in the group, I would often find defeated tags, which would be very frustrating in that I couldn’t identify what stock was actually missing and where my resources needed to be placed. Since using the Concept Tags in my current branch, we have found no tags that have been defeated.

National retailer – Newcastle, Manager with 13 years’ service.

The idea of the new Concept Tags is brilliant; the fact that any shoplifter who’s coming in with a de-tagger will not be able to de-tag any stock is reassuring. Within a few weeks of using the Concept Tags we’ve seen a significant decrease in theft. I think people are put off by the fact that even if they manage to steal something, they won’t be able to take the tags off without damaging the product.

National retailer – Stratford, Manager with 9 years’ service.

Since using the Concept Tags none have been found removed from stock. Before using the Concept Tag in my current store staff were continually reporting damaged tags being found. I’m aware that other stores in the Midlands are still suffering from mysterious losses whereby undamaged or in some cases damaged tags have been discovered. The tags are having a positive impact against those in possession of de-taggers.

National retailer – Birmingham, Manager with 11 years’ service.

The new Concept Tags have been a godsend. My branch was experiencing almost daily problems with stock being de-tagged by offenders, but since the changeover to the new Concept Tag we’ve not had one reported incident of stock being de-tagged or tags found defeated. Because the tags are that secure, double tagging is not required.

National retailer – Trafford, Manager with 20 years’ service.

Your annual loss You are currently losing £ 0 Implementation of the Concept Tag results in 66% reduction in loss *. You could save £ 0

The Concept Tag was produced following five years of dedicated research and development, the final two years of which saw JD Sports help test and perfect the technology.

Initially, 15,000 Concept Tags were introduced into the retailer’s Stratford store, where several improvements were made over an 18-month period to perfect the design. As a result, illicit tag removal was totally eradicated and criminal activity was moved away to other stores.

Subsequently, JD Sports installed the tags in its brand-new flagship Oxford Street store. When measured against an average store, losses were reduced by 50%. But this is no average store; with over 35,000 sq ft spread over 3 floors, 65,000 Concept Tags were in use.

Finally, the trial was extended to seven regional flagship stores across the UK and Europe. Once again impressive loss prevention statistics were measured – with an average of 66% reduction in tagged garment theft!

In 2017, JD Sports moved ahead with rolling out the Concept Tag to all their stores in the UK, mainland Europe, and Australia.

River Island is one of the biggest names in British high street fashion. They first installed the Concept Tag in four stores in 2016, including their largest store, Marble Arch Park House on Oxford Street.

The retailer has used an incremental rollout of the Concept Tag to confirm its effectiveness in a number of locations in different countries, with the system showing its effectiveness in every one.

After the four store trial saw reduction in theft of 60% for tagged garments – alongside 27% for non-tagged stock – the Concept Tag was then installed in twelve of their flagship stores across the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The success continued, and the partnership has since grown further. The Concept is now present in 70 of River Island’s stores, with an additional expansion across their estate expected in 2018.

British fashion and homeware retailer Matalan introduced the Concept Tag to three of its stores in 2017.

Following the culmination of this first testing period, their profit protection team were so happy with the results that an order for over one million Concept Tags was placed and these have been fitted in 105 of their stores across the UK.

Alongside the tags, Concept Releasers have been fitted in well over 200 Matalan stores, ensuring many other locations are ready to handle product returns as well as allowing them to be ready for potential future expansion in use of the Concept Tag.

For years the apparent ease with which security tag releasers can be bought on the internet has resulted in a dramatic increase in retail stock loss.

Many retailers are reporting that losses directly resulting from this tactic are increasing rapidly, with some disclosing figures as high as 30% or more. This hasn’t been helped by high profile TV shows highlighting how easy it is to get hold of these detachers.

Now, the revolutionary design of the Concept Tag will reverse the problem of “illicit tag removal”, and is the most exciting advance in EAS tagging for over 30 years.

The Concept Tag has a locking mechanism that’s removed in a totally unique way. It’s almost impossible to replicate the way in which the security tag is removed; trying to force the tag off would require more than 50kgs of pressure. It’s simply not possible to put this amount of pressure through an implement such as a screwdriver whilst holding a tag. Such attempts result in damage to the garment or potential injury to the thief.

Most retailers agree that the main benefit of using RFID technology is to improve inventory accuracy; making more stock available in store usually results in an uplift in sales.

The integration of a reprogrammable RFID chip – combined with the proven reduction in losses it delivers – makes the Concept Tag the only hard tag secure enough to effectively combine both technologies in a cost effective way, reducing the time needed to deliver ROI.

The Concept Tag not only reduces losses from theft, it also delivers other, indirect benefits:

With reduced theft, more stock is available to be sold.

Criminals no longer target your stores, which creates a safer and more pleasant environment for both staff and customers.

Allow sales staff to concentrate on your customer and worry less about dealing with potential thieves.

January: Development starts on a better, more secure design of security tag than currently exists on the market.

January: Version 1 of the Concept Tag is tested, with 15,000 tags being installed in JD Sports’ store in Stratford, London.

May: Agon Systems sets up a UK office in the South-East of England.

October: After initial on-site testing at JD Sports, further enhancements are made to the Concept Tag.

June: The 18-month trial with JD Sports concludes, with ‘Version 2’ of the Concept Tag being developed.

July: Further revision is made to the unique design of the Concept Tag. ‘Version 3’ is produced and 65,000 are installed in JD Sports’ flagship UK store on Oxford Street, London.

September: The Concept Tag is introduced to JD Sports’ flagship stores in London’s Oxford Street, Manchester’s Trafford & Arndale Centre and Birmingham’s Bull Ring, as well as Glasgow, Stratford, Newcastle, Amsterdam, Nice, Marseille and Lyon.

January: After further successes, JD Sports decides to install the Concept Tag in all of its stores. This rollout is estimated to take two to three years.

April: Major fashion retailer River Island trials the Concept Tag in the UK and the Netherlands.

June: Major German retailer installs the Concept Tag in its first stores.

October: The Concept Tag wins the ‘Best Newcomer’ Award at the 2016 Retail Fraud Awards, the award that recognises the most exciting new product in the retail fraud arena.

November: Spanish fashion retailer installs the Concept Tag.

December: Global American brand installs the Concept Tag in its first stores in the UK.

January: High-end British department store chain installs the Concept Tag in its first six stores.

March: River Island completes 12-month trial of the Concept Tag, reporting reduction in tagged garment theft of 60% in their biggest UK store.

May: International retailer based in Turkey starts using the Concept Tag.

June: Major Dutch retailer installs the Concept Tag

July: One of the UK’s largest value fashion retailers installs the Concept Tag in more than 100 stores.

August: The Concept Tag reaches Australasia, with the appointment of Jacloc as official distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

The Concept Tag has now been installed in 20 countries worldwide, just two years after launching. Agon Systems predicts the 15 millionth Concept Tag will be shipped in late 2017.

Yes absolutely. The Concept Tag is available in either RF or AM and will work on your existing system without any modification.

If you’d like to trial The Concept Tag in your business, please get in touch.

© 2018 Agon Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. The Concept Tag is distributed by Agon Systems .

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Page 8

28 August 2011  ( 2011-08-28 ) (UK)

Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker, MI5 analyst

Rachel Weisz as Nancy Pierpan, political activist

Michael Gambon as Benedict Baron, Director General of MI5

Judy Davis as Jill Tankard, MI5 officer collaborating with the Prime Minister

Tom Hughes as Ralph Wilson, private investigator and Jill Tankard’s son

Saskia Reeves as Anthea Catcheside, Home Secretary

Ewen Bremner as Rollo Maverley, journalist and former MI5 officer

Felicity Jones as Julianne Worricker, Johnny’s daughter

Ralph Fiennes as Alec Beasley, Prime Minister

Alice Krige as Emma Baron, Benedict Baron’s wife and Johnny’s ex-wife

Holly Aird as Anna Herve, assistant to the Home Secretary and former lover to Johnny

Richard Lintern as Max Vallance, assistant to the Prime Minister

Bruce Myers as Joseph Pierpan, Nancy Pierpan’s father

Rakhee Thakrar as Muna Hammami

Kate Burdette as Allegra Betts

Andrew Cleaver as Brian Lord

Marthe Keller as Leona Chew

Aisling Loftus as Melissa Legge

James McArdle as Ted Finch

Jay Benedict as Master of the college

Surendra Kochar as Mrs. Ashanti

Bijan Daneshmand as Cambridge don

Kriss Dosanjh as Minicab owner

Hywel Morgan as Priest

Rory Morrison as Radio Newsreader

Charlotte Green as Radio Newsreader

Murder in Samarkand (film / radio)

The White Crow (film)

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Page Eight is a 2011 British political thriller / drama film , written and directed for the BBC by the British writer David Hare , his first film as director since the 1989 film Strapless . [1] The cast includes Bill Nighy , Rachel Weisz , Michael Gambon , Tom Hughes , Ralph Fiennes , and Judy Davis . The film was followed by Turks & Caicos (2014) and Salting the Battlefield (2014), which were broadcast on BBC Two in March 2014. The three films are collectively known as The Worricker Trilogy . [2]

Johnny Worricker ( Bill Nighy ) is a long-serving MI5 officer. His best friend and superior, director general Benedict Baron ( Michael Gambon ), summons Johnny to a meeting with MI5 agent Jill Tankard ( Judy Davis ) and Home Secretary Anthea Catcheside ( Saskia Reeves ) regarding a potentially explosive report. Worricker verbally highlights a note at the foot of page eight alleging that Prime Minister Alec Beasley ( Ralph Fiennes ) has knowledge of secret overseas prisons where terror suspects have been tortured by U.S. authorities. If true, Beasley did not share any intelligence gained with the security services, at the possible expense of British lives.

At the same time, Johnny begins spending time with his neighbour Nancy Pierpan ( Rachel Weisz ), a Syrian -born political activist whose brother was killed by Israeli forces . Johnny shares his love of modern art and jazz with Nancy but, wondering if she aims to exploit his connections, asks friend and covert intelligence operative Rollo to investigate her. Meanwhile, Baron dies of a heart attack at his country home before he can make the report public. Beasley orders the report to be buried and tells Johnny of his plans to replace MI5 with a U.S.-style Homeland Security organisation. Catcheside’s silence is bought by naming her deputy prime minister .

Johnny sells a painting from his small but valuable art collection to obtain traveling cash. He learns that an acquaintance of Nancy’s, seen loitering around the apartment building, is Tankard’s son and has been paid to monitor him. Johnny realizes that Beasley and Tankard are running a politicised ‘cowboy’ intelligence operation. Johnny gives Nancy a copy of the secret file on her brother’s death but points out that he would be implicated if its existence were to be revealed by her. Johnny ends up making a deal with Tankard to keep quiet about the report. In return for Johnny’s silence, Tankard agrees to kill the reorganisation of the intelligence services as well as leak the file on Nancy’s brother’s murder to the BBC. The fallout forces Johnny to disappear for his safety.

Johnny gives Nancy a Christopher Wood painting from his collection. On seeing the leaked report of her brother’s murder on the news, she realises that Johnny arranged it to allow her to pursue a legal case against the Israelis without implicating himself. At London Stansted Airport , Johnny dumps the original report incriminating Beasley in a rubbish bin. As Johnny looks at the departure screen, Nancy looks closely at Johnny’s painting and sees a church near a beach.

Parts were filmed in Jesus College, Cambridge , in which undergraduates and Fellows were recruited as extras. [3]

The film had its world premiere on 18 June 2011 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and closed the 36th Toronto International Film Festival on 17 September 2011. [4] It was broadcast on BBC Two and BBC HD on 28 August 2011 in the United Kingdom, and on PBS in the United States on 6 November 2011, as part of its Masterpiece Contemporary anthology series. [5] It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 5 September 2013 by Universal Pictures .

At the 2011 Satellite Awards , Page Eight was nominated for Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz were nominated for Best Actor in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television and Best Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television, respectively. [6]

Martin Ruhe, Page Eight’s Director of Photography, won Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Motion Picture/Miniseries Television at the 26th American Society of Cinematographers Awards . [8]

Page Eight received a nomination nod for Best TV Movie at the 2012 Rose d’Or TV Festival. [9]

At the 2012 British Academy Television Awards , Page Eight was nominated for the Single Drama Award. [10]

Paul Englishby was nominated for Best Television Soundtrack at the 2012 Ivor Novello Awards. [11]

At the 2012 Critics’ Choice Television Awards , Page Eight was nominated for Best Made for TV Movie/Mini Series, while Bill Nighy was nominated for Best Actor. [12]

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U.S. First lady Melania Trump on Wednesday laid a wreath at a slave fortress on the coast of Ghana, saying she would never forget the place where Africans were held before being shipped away into further hardship, most across the Atlantic. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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