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Not great but it was fun movie and nostalgic.

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This is a very, very funny movie. It was awesome!

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Really Funny! I was not expecting the extend of humor in this movie but it actually had a really nice back story and plot. This movie made me actually laugh out loud and made me want to participate in a game like this! This movie is about a bunch of old buddies that started a game of Tag when they were young kids and have been playing it all the way into adulthood, For one month out of the year they all surprise each other and show up in their towns, workplaces, homes in ridiculous disguises and hilarious fashions to ‘get the other person’ in tag.The plot is, in this group of friends, there is one that has never been tagged before and he has a big event coming up and a possibly detrimental one to his undefeated score in tag, hes getting married! The 4 friends get together and make plans to tag the one undefeated buddy as he will be a sitting duck at his wedding. This movie had humor, happiness, even sadness, but most of all, friendship. If you like comedies, you will love this one.

This movie was an absolute pleasure! Funny when it needed to be. And took a step back when it needed to let the story carry its own way thru. You won’t believe it when the ending credits show you this was an actual group of adults who continued their game of tag as they grew up. Touching and hilarious. You’ll be rolling with laughter as you wait for the next ‘TAG YOUR IT’.

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It would be more entertaining watching anyone play tag in real time. You know when they say that if you let monkeys use a typewriter long enough one would eventually write a script. This has to be the script that the monkey scenario produced. This movie has to be regretted by all who took part in it and the audience who consumes it. Meh!

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I don’t say this lightly – This might have been one of the dumbest, most empty movies I have ever seen. I have no idea how a movie like this could get a green light to be made.

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I really enjoyed this movie! I paid $20 to see it and I feel like I got my enjoyment’s worth! This is an awesome ensemble! Don Draper is absolutely awesome in this! It’s a funny concept, and a funny movie! Not hilarious, laugh out loud funny, but it’s above average funny!

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The true story seems cute and maybe would’ve made a good documentary. I love all these actors but omg what a horrendous movie.

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A small group of former classmates organize an elaborate, annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.

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Ed Helms , Jake Johnson , Annabelle Wallis

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